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The products

The earth's products

Thanks to an orchard that counts over 600 fruit trees and some hectares of ground used as garden, the agriturism S'Ortu 'e su Riu, it prepares the whole year of the products of season.
The summer you will find watermelons, melons, plums, fisheries and all the vegetables of our garden as the tomatoes, pepper, eggplants and how much other the nature can offer to you the preserves, the sott'olios andbottom vinegar.

La vigna e il frutteto

The products of the breeding

Our breeding, exclusively devoted to the consumption of the restaurant, it is contrary to the intensive breeding; it offers meats ovine and pig.
The livestock is raised according to the custom of the typical Sardinian pastorizia, trough the pasture of the flocks with the integration of alone sfarinatis of corn.
You will find the sausage and the Sardinian pecorino, that will make you discover the traditional tastes of Sardini.

La vigna S'Ortu e su Riu

The products of the kitchen

The kitchen of S'Ortu 'e su Riu offers to you the dishes typical of Sardinian gastronomy, particularly of that Planargiese.
The menu is opened with a series of prepared appetizers with the vegetables and the meats produced by the firm.
Among the dishes are those that we offer they make beautiful sight the classical Sardinian Gnocchetti, prepared in the broth of sheep with sauce of tomato and Sardinian Pecorino of our production, we also remember the fresh Ravioli with the stuffing of ricotta and beets.
The second dishes are those that perhaps characterize more the Sardinian cuisine: the roast Maialetto served with Mirto and the boiled Sheep they need few descriptions.
The kitchen of S'Ortu e' su Riu however goes over and offers different variations of the maialetto and the sheeps, also served in damp; in fact other dishes are proposed typical of the Sardinian cuisine as the Soaked Campidanese.
They close the menu our cheeses, the sweets Sardinians as the Papassinos and Seadas, Tiricche and the fruit of season.
During the meals are served white and red wine; together with the sweets the Mirto of Sardinia and the brandy are tasted.


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