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The firm

When it is born

In the first years of 1900, the Cav. Mastinu and his family, gave start to the agricultural firm of S'ena and Janas(the cave of the faries) in the sour one of Tresnuraghes (Oristano) on an ownership of 35 hectares, along the valley of the Rio Mannu
The original production of the firm consisted in the exploitation of the agrumeto and in the breeding of pasture livestock.
The site where the firm rises has suffered during the years of the radical mutations, with the reclamation of proper steep grounds only to the pasture that have become now cultivable, thanks to the adoption of system buried of irrigation.

Our objectives

In the years '80, continuing the tradition of the Cav. Mastinu, his son in law, Antonio Deriu, has said the firm optimizing the integration of modern techniques of exploitation of the territory with his maximum respect.
The production of the firm is suited during the years for the flexibility of the market, always maintanaing also some qualitative standards to the maximum levels. From the fruit and vegetable, to the cheeses ovini and vaccines and to the meats produced with the solo pasture of the livestock, Antonio Deriu has always had the applause and the trust of his customers.
With this spirit, to always have a high quality of the products not taking care of us of the quality, giving however way to the people to really know what offered, the firm has been integrated with the restaurant.
Done the firm, denominate today "S'Ortu 'e su Riu" (the "garden on the river"), does it reenter in the criterions dictated by the normative one on the firms agrituristiche perfectly, succeeding in offering a menu of which over 80% thath is produced inside the same one. 

The spirit of the true agritourism

The agritourist that chooses "S'Ortu 'e su Riu" for his vacations, a true experience of life will live in the country. It will be found in the green, in this green lung of 35 hectares, whether to be able to walk to the shade of the nuraghe that dominates the valley of Rio Mannu and to to the shade of the ulivis.
Antonio Deriu and his family will be to disposition, over whether to offer an efficient service and at the same family time, also to furnish all the necessary information to appreciate Sardinia, particularly his traditions and the splendid zone three Bosa and Tresnuraghes, denominated Planargia.


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Agritur S'Ortu 'e Su Riu
di Deriu Antonio M.
Bosa (Or) Sardegna - Italia -
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